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Nascar fight

This guy drop kicks the fuckin' windshield!!


by johnny-ringo

submitted September 29th 2006

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Hell if I'd just been going around in a circle 190 times and near the end some guy took my out I'd be pretty cranky at seeing a waste of time being all for nothing anyway.
12 years ago
*took me out
12 years ago
I love the way he ran and just went air born with both his to feet. It looks like he brakes the window shield but how do bounce of a car and still break it like that. lol
12 years ago
what fight?
12 years ago
stupid news casters didnt say that both them guys were banned from racing 2....and aint no one said a thing bout the dude in the red that got clotheslined....and u bounce off the windshield and still break it cause the rest of it didnt give way, so it's like he put a hole in it, but didnt have enough momentum or whatever to keep going through it and it stopped....i'm quite sure that doesnt make sense but i'm drunk and dont care
12 years ago
That was some Jet lee shit!
12 years ago
"the fight was eventually broken up"
eventually? try immediately. Fucking lamest shortest most pathetic big fag slap fest i've seen in a while. Who the fuck dropkicks a fucking windshield? fucking loser.
I hate rednecks not so much cause they're complete failures as human beings but more because they ruined the image of the KKK. It'd still be kicking if it weren't for those ignorant yokels bumfucking each other.
12 years ago
Wow, you can ruin the image of the KKK? Amazing stuff
12 years ago
Should've used more shake n bake.
6 years ago
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