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Dashcam Captures Massive Fuel Truck Explosion

A driver on a Louisiana highway had the dashcam rolling when it captures a fuel tanker truck exploding into a huge ball of flames . Authorities say a dump truck was driving very slowly when a fuel tanker rear-ended it. The collision caused the tanker to erupt into flames. The driver of the dump truck was killed and the driver of the fuel truck was injured. The tanker was carrying 8,000 gallons of gasoline at the time of the crash.


by thatdude420

submitted April 16th 2017

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I'll hear about this on the morning news tomorrow as the reason gas has gone up another 3 cents
2 years ago
i think you mean 30 cents
2 years ago
So the guy driving the exploding tanker, survived, while the guy getting rear ended died.
Makes sense.
2 years ago
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