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Morris and the Minors

Stutter Rap.


by fries-please

submitted April 13th 2017

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6 months ago
The UK ceased being great when I left Cardiff.
6 months ago
And no doubt child rapes went down too
6 months ago
I'm no Muslim.
6 months ago
I'm coming back next year and rent a flat from my cousin and stay much much longer this time. You say you live in Dorchester?
6 months ago
Jesus fucking Christ, what is this, 2015? You guys talk about the same shit every fucking time I log in
6 months ago
You won't make til next year old guy, fries will have a heart attack while he fucks his cat and you'll get one while watching child porn
6 months ago
It's no 'Boats and Hoes', but:
6 months ago
I'll see your stutter rap and raise you this retard:
6 months ago
my god, thatdude is fucking ugly....
6 months ago
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