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Birthday Message

Say it with blood.


by McWoozy

submitted September 29th 2006

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God, please tell me this is fake =\
12 years ago
it's the thought that counts...
12 years ago
when did human blood start to look like paint?
12 years ago
ummm, when u use it like paint from a used tampon??
12 years ago
12 years ago
"~$MaNiCMaNiA$~, This is indeed fake."
12 years ago
Not been around many women that intimately fellas? Yeah, well if you don't know where to start with this one then I think you need to graduate Jr. High and get some real world experience. And what the fuck is this taboo with mestruation, anyway? I like pussy, I don't mind blood that much (depending on the person bleeding), so why does one + the other = something so fucking earth shattering. Just lay a fucking towel down and get to it.

On another note, that woman is hot, and her outfit is awesome.
12 years ago
Yeah, it's probably fake. Yeah, she is hot, with that great maid costume. But still, WTF?
12 years ago
do you have your redwings Balls_Malone?
12 years ago
not as gross as I expected, but isn't blood a terrible choice for paint, since it tends to dry out real fast? unless you have enough of it, I suppose...

btw, when I watched the video, there was a picture Lindsay Lohan next to it in a similar pose...
12 years ago
@ Balls Malone >

cuzz it's not blood, its a fucking dead baby.
12 years ago
when the river runs red take the dirt road ;)
12 years ago
12 years ago
the birthday present was probably "I may have been late, but false alarm" and I do have my red wings but this is deffinatly fake
12 years ago
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