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Goalie neck snap

Soccer for pussies? hmmm


by johnny-ringo

submitted September 28th 2006

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he'll be alright. sux ass.
12 years ago
I have seen worse injuries in frisbee. He might have a sore back in the morning *cries*.
12 years ago
Yep for pussies. If he was playing football, there wouldnt be any movement in his arms and legs.
12 years ago
Yes it is for pussies who like to circle-jerk in a bath of cum.
12 years ago
Haha no one cared about the striker faking it in the back.
12 years ago
As mjch as I want that to happen to some of you fucks, I am glad that ain't me.
12 years ago
I want it to happen to all of you fucks...
12 years ago
snap, nah....more like hyperextend...he's gonna be feelin that bitch for a while....and yes iranian...feel the love on muchosucko
12 years ago
walk it off, hope he's not cripple.
12 years ago
funny how the actress in the white stays down for the count too. Just in case there is a penalty at stake.
12 years ago
shit ...thats gonna leave a mark
12 years ago
soccer's great. football on the other hand.. hah yeah lets put some body armor on and bump into each other over and over again. what a pussy version of rugby
12 years ago
And yes, soccer is still for pussy's because that doesn't happen all the time. Now Good ole pigskin football that shit happens all the time! Pussy Soccer or futball or whatever the fuck you call it.
12 years ago
I guess you Americans rate sports after how many tackles and how much male body-contact there is. There might be more of this in American football (allthough Im not sure), but thats not important for me when watching a sport. (You guys must really hate golf).

Football (or soccer as the suckers call it) is about extreme human performance, tactics, entertainment, feelings (yes I cried after the Champions-league final 2005), history and about who you are. I couldnt care less about the ammount of injuries in a match (which btw happens to be too many in football).

Im sure American football is a great sport, but noone plays or watches it over here, so I neither like or hate the sport.

"Some people believe football is a matter of life and death.
I'm very disappointed with that attitude.
I can assure you it is much, much more important than that."

Bill Shankly, Liverpool manager 1959-1974.
12 years ago
a kid on my football team did that to a guy, the running back tryed to jump him, he poped up and the kid fliped and had to go to the hostal

and soccer is gay
all it is, is a bunch of babys
every 5 seconds a player gets hurt

in football, last year i fractured my back and played the rest of the sesson

my last game i strighed my sternem and finshed the game
it happed the 4th play of the game(the o punting it)
some flamer speared me when i jumped to block it
12 years ago
oh yea, btw if it was a real neck injry, he would be rolling around like a fucktard
12 years ago
soccer is still for pussies
12 years ago
"American football is soooooo great because like at least one person gets decapitated every week and like everybody isn't allowed to leave the field after the game until they've sustained like a life threatening injury like."

At that point I think it's rather idiotic that anyone plays if people proudly state how frequently and how severely you can get injured just for carrying your ball up and down the field.
12 years ago
why dont you try and play some football and see if you have that same attitude.
12 years ago
wth. did you even read my post? Did I ever say American Football is for Pussys?

Let me sum it up:
-I were saying you guys are retarded for rating sports after how much tackles and body contact there is during a match (did I ever say American football is for Pussys?)
-Football (soccer) is a great sport etc. (read my last post for more)
-Nobody watches American football outside of America, so I cant decide wheter I like or dislike the sport, since Ive never seen a whole match.
-Bill Shankly is the greatest manager ever.

I should know better than to try to discuss on muchosucko
12 years ago
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