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Cro-cop compilation

Cro-cop...fuckin' A.


by johnny-ringo

submitted September 28th 2006

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Not the song I would have chosen for a video of this sort. I have seen a fair number of his fights, a small number certainly seemed fixed.
12 years ago
It would be so ez to kick this guys ass. Afterwards I would hit him while he was down. Wow im suprised on how much of a pussy this guy is.
12 years ago
i love cro cop n' i give him props for his kicks... but i know he can't drop mark hunt for shit! actually no one can =P
12 years ago
superb fighter, and most power i've seen in a kick. Vetoz stfu you know nothing.
12 years ago
Love 'em.
12 years ago
check out the fight i just uploaded to my site, Shamrock vs Gracie.


go to the 'Fight Vids' section.
12 years ago
it would have been nice if there was a clip that wasn't over 2 years old in there.
12 years ago
are older fights not as good then? idiot. plus i'm updating all the time.
12 years ago
His kicks got clocked in at 120 mphs!
12 years ago

You think they would be expecting a left kick by now.

12 years ago
Doing the only thing Croats know and can do best.
12 years ago
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