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Rekt Vagina

It's not even a tight fit.


by makodragon

submitted March 31st 2017

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6 months ago
The only way she can orgasm is to give birth.
6 months ago
*squat on a mailbox
6 months ago
Maybe, if the baby comes out sideways
6 months ago
Her ass is rekt as well.
6 months ago
6 months ago
she has nice eye's the rest's CUNT!!!
6 months ago
Wow... You actually discovered apostrophes. You used them wrongly, but well-done.
6 months ago
Ohw now the apostrophes are placed wrongly what the fuck next...
Write me that sentence in dutch numbnuts
6 months ago
haha, made you grammar
5 months ago
She can give me all the detention she wants.. because I've been a very bad boy.
6 months ago
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