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The Qu'ran is a perfect book

Lets all convert to Islam


by Squidley

submitted March 30th 2017

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Yeah, and the Bible makes much more sense.
4 weeks ago
Yeah, but nobody says that about the koran when you watch videos mocking the bible.
4 weeks ago
I like the part where a monk has God summon two bears to maul 42 children because they teased him and called him baldy (2 Kings 2:23)
4 weeks ago
God hates shrimp.
4 weeks ago
The bible is hrseshit too.
4 weeks ago
I think squidley should convert to death
4 weeks ago
For someone who claims not to be religious he is pretty obsessed with religion.
4 weeks ago
I would resurrect squids with beef!!!!!
4 weeks ago
His 2nd life would just like his 1st. All repeats.
4 weeks ago
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