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Chinese Demolition

Suicidal demolition.


by makodragon

submitted March 30th 2017

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Well this isn't your balls....
4 weeks ago
So it wasn't feigned exitement at the prospect of me subbing my balls? You really wanted to see them? Daww.
4 weeks ago
I just feel lied too
4 weeks ago
There, there friesy
4 weeks ago
I really should be used to it by now on this site
4 weeks ago
Punky still hasn't shown his butt for Butthole Tuesday
4 weeks ago
I already showed my balls twice. You surely don't need anymore pics of my knackers.
4 weeks ago
blame fries for my vote, Dragon.
4 weeks ago
I bet they go to the ends of the earth for that fuck operating that shovel..at least $3.50 an hour
4 weeks ago
I bet he was in it when the crane was lifting it up there too
4 weeks ago
nah i think he walked up
3 weeks ago
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