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Careful when you flip people off

Attempt no 3


by Jones

submitted March 27th 2017

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8 months ago
finally a video I can fap to
8 months ago
Smoking drivers flipping people off attraction achievement unlocked.
8 months ago
"Thank you so much, bro."
8 months ago
only faggots drive Corsas and have wallets
8 months ago
Yeah you're right fries, your purse totally justifies your straightness.
8 months ago
im 100% manly in all I do and wouldn't be seen dead in a Corsa
8 months ago
...you are proud owner of a man`s-clutch, right?
5 months ago
I would have kept the wallet and take the money lol!!!
8 months ago
that would be theft....
8 months ago
a bigger crime than pulling out in front of someone or giving them the finger
8 months ago
recover password
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