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Quick! Somebody call a vet!

Scanner test part deux (Somebody needs to feed those hamsters)


by Jones

submitted March 26th 2017

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Why you don't let Jones drive himself to his checkup.
11 months ago
are the dogs ok....
11 months ago
upvote for correct spelling in tags
11 months ago
told to stfu cause youre a lame fuckin limey fag
11 months ago
don't hide behind a button you arse.... bring it on
11 months ago
bring what on,a subscription to cock-boy and a double ended kong dong?..will your homosexuality never cease?
11 months ago
Okay, am I wrong, but at :26 I swear I heard someone say, "this is the second time she's done this."

Like, who is 'she' and what fucking idiot gave 'her' keys to a car after having done this before?
11 months ago
Also, shout out to fucking Cap'n Obvious for pointing out that a car went through the wall. Good job.
11 months ago
11 months ago
Would u all you bitches calming down, please?
8 months ago
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