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Military Barrier Test

Semi truck gets obliterated by military barrier.


by thatdude420

submitted March 15th 2017

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and this is muchoworthy because ?........
1 month ago
Better than subbing a number of how many retarded comments i write on a website.
1 month ago
you know if you and squidley weren't so fucking dumb and gave me reason to complain then my comment count wouldn't be so high. so technically you 2 are to blame for my comment count
1 month ago
You life is to blame. So because your life sucks you take it out on me with retarded comments. It's not my fault you live a pathetic lonely life. Maybe you should put that hate towards your self not me.
1 month ago
Like fries's mum
1 month ago
1 month ago
Was that a ford?
1 month ago
A Volvo would have just kept going
1 month ago
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