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Ejector Roll

Seatbelts are recommended for this manouvre


by makodragon

submitted March 15th 2017

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This seemed like fun.
1 month ago
maybe you should try it sometime
1 month ago
Fail, he missed both niggers.

This comment was made in honour of Jaws88.
1 month ago
cryass is going to be late for work again
1 month ago
Well this brings back some fucking memories.
1 month ago
You know probably more than most about this particular scenario...
* JamesTKirk flashes D signs. *

1 month ago
Most just can't roll with me..

They see me rollin', they hatin'

So punny ..
1 month ago
My nigga.
1 month ago
That's what happens when you go the wrong way down a one way street
1 month ago
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