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Swing Ride Crash

Fairground Swing Ride Crashes To The Ground. 9 people were injured....could've been worse.


by thatdude420

submitted March 12th 2017

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would have been better if thatdude420 had been riding it
and then died.
would have upvoted then
3 weeks ago
and lol'd
3 weeks ago
youre just a sad limey twat
3 weeks ago
I would have been far from sad had it happened to thatdude420.
3 weeks ago
"Under the Table and Dreaming"

Still sounds like shit.
3 weeks ago
except for "Jimi Thing"
3 weeks ago
Fuck both of you faggots.
2 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
would have been nice if they captured the ride hitting the ground?
2 weeks ago
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