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Probably not the best way to dive into a river...


by yak

submitted September 25th 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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12 years ago
Just to piss off those of who you get bitchy about colored text on MuchoSucko: <font color="red">This is to everyone else who wants to know how to do it, but isn't quite </font><font color="blue">1337</font><font color="red"> enough to know how:</font>

<font1 color="red">Your colored text goes here</font1>

NOTE: You must remove the "1" out of the code above for it to work and just replace the text between the "font" tags. I had to do this so you could see it, since the forum obviously doesn't encode the arrows when it detects a font tag. Also, you can use other color names (such as blue, black, green, etc) instead of just red. Have fun.
12 years ago
weak.. it would have been funnier if it were real...
12 years ago
Hmm.. If that works, gotta wonder what else will.

<div onmouseover="alert('It isnt _fake_');" >Does this work?</div>
12 years ago
<font color="red" onmouseover="alert('test');">Red Text</font>
12 years ago
<font color="black" onmouseover="document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0].innerHTML='';">...............

12 years ago
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