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Jeep vs Hill

Hill 1, jeep 0.


by yak

submitted September 25th 2006

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This is soooooooooooooooo fucking old
12 years ago
First for me and it was fucking hilarious.
12 years ago
11 years ago
Good acceleration for a jeep !!!! I like the full version where you hear them talking and can see the point at which the drive must have soiled some undies.
12 years ago
This was a great video!

Back in the 80's.......
12 years ago
Old or not..It's still a fucked up scene cuz you know someone (if not all) died in that accident....Does anyone know what the damage was to those ppl?
12 years ago
Lol whats fucked up about a bunch of idiots getting what they deserve, you do something incredibly stupid then fail, you deserve the consiquences, just proves darwin right...
12 years ago
Well now, that'll fuck you up.
12 years ago
Am I the only one who noticed this isn't a FUCKING JEEP!!
12 years ago
@pfisel: i believe no one died in this crash. what's weird is, ive seen this vid before but i remember them heading up the hill, the motor stopping and the car rolled back off the hill. but it my memory it went off the hill with the rear toward the ground, not with the front.
12 years ago
no one died, trust me. they actually walked it off
12 years ago
I'd have shit my pants before I hit ground! btw lucky there was sand when they hit.
12 years ago
Wuteva, It wasn't that bad of a crash.

Still funny as hell though
12 years ago
They survived, husband and wife, the husband let the wife drive up the hill (he had already been up it that day) I believe the master cylinder failed (maybe the engine died as well?) and well, you see the outcome. There is a much longer video somewhere.
12 years ago
@Victorious- I seem to remember it the same way.. maybe this is a different crash at the same sight?
12 years ago
You stupid fuck!!
12 years ago
find the video on here if you are going to call it a repost :P
12 years ago

12 years ago
it is "than" not "then" wankie illiterate.
12 years ago
Four things people.

1) Thats not a jeep, its a Suburban.

2) They all lived, I watched this on MXC, who interviewed the driver.

3) It was the brakes that failed which made them fly out of control.

4) And this was a woman driver btw.
12 years ago
and finally -

5)who gives a fuck !!!
12 years ago
that was an international, not a jeep.
12 years ago
more specifically an IH Scout Traveler

12 years ago
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