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Airbus A300 Zero Gravity Simulation

Guy getting spun around in 0G.


by yak

submitted September 25th 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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Aaah, the ol' Vomit Comet. My KC-135 unit had a few missions a year where we could go and experience this for up to 14 cycles. Puke EVERYWHERE!
12 years ago
whatever you say scientist.
12 years ago
ah yes and i remember the days when me and my friend ET (he was a bad mofo) used to fly high on a bicycle and experience zero gravity. Pleb shep
12 years ago
Bah, they shot this on the same stage where they faked the moon landing, 911, and the Great Wall of China.
12 years ago
No no. deadfoot, Dekor: Go fuck yourselves. I've done this. Call it a perk for serving your country in military service. We also had Mile High Club flights (You had to bring your own date), so nyea nyea nyea nyea nyea, nyea.

Look up 'KC-135".
12 years ago
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