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That voice or this clown.

Hell of a voice.


by bichofelix

submitted February 28th 2017

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By the way, what the fuck's a "bafoon?" Sounds like a pay toilet in the ghetto.
1 year ago
I think you're good peeps, vomit.
1 year ago
What you think of me is no matter.
1 year ago
Everyone here sees me as a bad person.

That's okay.

You're a good person.
1 year ago
There aren't many good people here.

And I don't count myself among them.
1 year ago
And I am a fifth down......but I think you're one of the few.
1 year ago
Like the only good people here.
1 year ago
Who are the bad people?
1 year ago
so funny how this piece of shit alky bum needs to reset that old fundamental "you seem like a good person...i know you hate me" exchange every time he darkens muchos door..he's that schizophrenic bum no one is equipped to deal with so he'll be either dead or perpetually homeless
1 year ago
heyyy, it's zeke "I don't come here" McBoozer
1 year ago
Man, those youtube videos can be real tricky sometimes, can't they?
1 year ago
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