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Hillaries atonment


Mrs. Clintons walk of shame


by Squidley

submitted February 27th 2017

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Downvote for lack of Game of Thrones tag
1 month ago
I doubt he even knows why he posted it.
1 month ago
But Mrs. Clinton isn't part of the game of thrones. The similarities are coincidental.
1 month ago
1 month ago
nice ass though
1 month ago
why don't you fuck off just as quickly as you show up squidley.... this is some dumpit site where you can sub every other internet sites shit on here. when not post links to sites and i'll visit them myself.
1 month ago
Why don't you stand on your head and stick your thumbs up your ass?
1 month ago
choke on a fat one you idiot
1 month ago
Just a note and even a quote fries needs to downvote!!!
1 month ago
New English Language Rule: When your name ends in 'y' and you're invoking possessive state, you must legally change your name to end with 'ie".
4 weeks ago
Nice tits, Mr. President.
3 weeks ago
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