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Take that thief

Bitch caught stealing gets slapped around by security


by Squidley

submitted February 15th 2017

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not muchoworthySprinkles
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excellent... squidleys been searching for 'thief' videos.. whats tomorrows search going to be for ?
1 week ago
Shut up stupid.
1 week ago
^and this retard discovered the stfu button
1 week ago
^ and this retard cried about it.
1 week ago
im not crying about it... I just telling you to stfu and im not using the button to do it
1 week ago
^ and this retard is still crying about it.
1 week ago
You can tell that wasn't the first time she has been slapped around.
1 week ago
loslobos deserves the same treatmeant everytime she makes a comment........dumb whore
1 week ago
Lol i completely agree with you on this subject matter
1 week ago
^like 2 faggots in a pod
1 week ago
you're a good man Arthur Brown

1 week ago
what countrys can you deal out this kind of justice ?
1 week ago
recover password
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