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Love is in The Air


No valentine's date? No problem, find yourself some mannequin boob to suck on jerk off and you're all set.


by thatdude420

submitted February 11th 2017

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Fake no sign
1 year ago
He has to be doing this on a dare. Nobody is this stupid.
1 year ago
Well fries is but fries isn't black.
1 year ago
That's what I think when I see your subs.
1 year ago
how come the retards all show up at the same time ?.....
1 year ago
I was wondering the same thing when i saw your comments fries.
1 year ago
why don't you shut your stupid watermelon sucking mouth
1 year ago
Every time you burp you smell dick in the air.
1 year ago
we just need sealbasher to make an appearance to complete the tri-fecta of stupidity
1 year ago
Your breath smell like balls and crumpets.
1 year ago
^^ quad-fecta
1 year ago
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