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Crazy Tornado

Not so much crazy, but would definitely be scary to be that close to a tornado...


by yak

submitted September 23rd 2006

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"Oh...there's a roof!" Ummm yeah...let me continue filming this for posterity!

Cool footage, though.
12 years ago
"Look at that!" (while I just wiggle the camera everywhere)

So it actually between his house and another and then proceeded to wreck every house behind him? That sort of luck should have gone the other way.
12 years ago
Don't worry, now everyone who was with him at the time will slowly start succumbing to gruesome and highly improbable deaths, as death comes to collect the souls of those who cheated it.
12 years ago
^^ lol final destination 4 right there
12 years ago
oh my god OH MYYYY GODD JESUS LOOOOOORD. move the fuck out of that shitty ass place
12 years ago
that is not the smell of natural gas, that is more like shit is his diapers
12 years ago
I'll shovel snow instead.......at least it melts in the Spring.
12 years ago
WTF I hardly could see anything with him shaking the cam like that.
12 years ago
that dude was just standing right next to it mid way through.
12 years ago
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