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Lego Beer Song

WhileI'mpostingIthinkI'llgetmyselfa... BEER!

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by yak

submitted September 21st 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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i could kiss and hug it but i'd rather chug it....mmm Beer!
12 years ago
^no no no, you've got it all wrong.. you're just gay.
12 years ago
yeah only fags and women hate beer what is wrong with you? if you want a quality beer come to england, i really dont like the american stuff, it tastes of soda water and is incredibly weak like 2.5% isnt it? beer light is for fags, ill love you forever if you buy me a pint but put that infront of me your likely gonna get it shoved up your arselike you disearve and most likely would enjoy.

this makes me smile because im hung over
12 years ago

Alexander Keiths, Guiness, Labbatt Blue or Rikards for me :D beer beer beer
12 years ago
I love beer but sadly am now allergic to it. More that one and I go off. The next morning gets ugly. Mew! Mew! :(

Good thing whisky still works.
12 years ago
u also have a wider ass.....wat kind of uppity fancy pants are u....the redneck wine...thats insulting.....ever heard of old english..its proof niggers drink beer.....

and how are you so rich..where d u live...what is your occupation....

and btw...those legos were totally FAKE
12 years ago
Don´t you fucking mess with my beer.....Its my holy water you dip shit.

I see god everytime i drink it......when i piss of course.
12 years ago
As a beer lover, I must say something here, JONNYCHO you are a cock slave and I pitty you if you cannnot appreciate something as global as beer. Sure wine is fine, but it doesnt go with everything like a good old beer will. I mean hell! Even my name is partially after a beer--Arogant Bastard
12 years ago
Well said, Jonny! Fuck beer and who needs punctuation, right? Or as the rich people call it "Usleless rules to help with communication"
12 years ago
The fact that you proudly state that you can't appreciate the qualities of both wine and beer shows a greater lack of refinement in your own character.

Of course it wouldn't occur to a person such as yourself that in some countries the consumption of wine is akin to that of beer i.e. a staple beverage. No better just stick to empty, meaningless abuse as your best form of communication.
12 years ago
ROFL...johnboy is a cok slave indeed. ok johnny yes i would love to know your shoe size so i can mail you a nice pair of pink high heels....oh i forgot your rich you probably got a closet full....

and 6 beers...damn how much do you weigh..85 lbs while double fisting a boxes of wine...i got 24 in my minifridge right now...and (looks around for the fuzz) im only 18...damn im a trouble maker...get my ip address...then find me...then go tell my first sergeant what a bad boy ive been...and i doubt any future beer bellies..especially in two years(moron) because ill either be dead or just coming back from iraq...
12 years ago
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