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Don't lose your head over this

Man is executed by beheading


by whunu

submitted January 15th 2017

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Jesus Christ!!!!!!!
1 month ago
Shutup bitch
1 month ago
Hey fatax.....how's your tv box working out for you?
1 month ago
I got a beautiful tv thanks!!!
1 month ago
At least that ended quickly
1 month ago
Didn't watch dv
1 month ago
And thatdude420 goes full retard
1 month ago
Better than going half. If you are going to go retard you have to go all out.
1 month ago
That's a nigger mentality for you fries.

Fucking Wog
1 month ago
Look at all doz stinky beards.
1 month ago
This is why these savages will get banned from coming to the U.S
4 weeks ago
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