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Duck, duck, goose

Digby dog gets his


by Jones

submitted January 15th 2017

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obviously you've found something you love to link on other subs

3 months ago
how about you stfu billymayshite
3 months ago
even squid laughs at you chodechampion
3 months ago
and he is senile so that says a lot
3 months ago
he probably laughs at brick walls too
3 months ago
thanks for underscoring my point you poncy faggot
3 months ago
you had no point
3 months ago
Digby's definitely gonna need a bath.
3 months ago
This was great on facebook. DV.

Just kidding, I'm not a faggot.
3 months ago
You don't seem like the facebook type.
3 months ago
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