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taking the dog for a spin

awesome owner move


by possum

submitted January 14th 2017

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1 year ago
autoupvote for poss-post
1 year ago
* possum resigns from mucho *
1 year ago
Goof intermittence
1 year ago
if this means i'll have to actually start acknowledging that there is a whunu presence on MS, i just dont know what else to do :(
1 year ago
1 year ago
Hey guize? Where's that original vuvuzela video that yak posted?

Anyone know?
1 year ago
I loved that song.
1 year ago
It goes vuuuuvuuuzeeeelaaa

Something like this
1 year ago
Yeah that's not it
1 year ago
I was looking for a song
1 year ago
this kinda feels reposty
1 year ago
I woulda stomp that kitty on the spot!
9 months ago
recover password
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