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Talk Like a Pirate

Now ye be able te talk like a pirate ye salty dog... Arrrrrrg!


by yak

submitted September 21st 2006

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wow... they put alot of thought and time into that
12 years ago
retarted...AND somewhat professionally done. Very nice. Though I can't help thinking that it was all inspired by that dick-wad Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean
12 years ago
rather humorous, but I bet it's even less useful to learn than ebonics, unless you're wanting to get into character for a Halloween party. I gotta admit, I never heard the phrase "Jim Lad", although it doesn't sound as cool as Scurvy Dog, and most of the other pirate phrases...
12 years ago
I've had to learn several accents for stage roles, and the tapes sound just like that. They did a good job. I couldn't help but Arrr along. (Reminded me of Down Periscope)
12 years ago
12 years ago
ARRR! I be pleased ta give ya Jim-Lad, our salty correspondant in the field. Jim-lad?

Thanks, Irate_Pirate. Talk like a Pirate Day originated in Albany, Oregon. It was created by John Baur and Mark Summers, long time friends. It originated as an inside joke, and grew very quickly among their large community of friends. Year after year the ripples of pirate speech were wider and wider until all hell broke loose. They began getting media coverage worldwide, largely because mainstream media doesn't have the balls to exit the politically correct box. Perhaps it spread because of the spirit of freedom that comes along with piracy, or because it's another excuse to throw a sick party where you can convince buxom wenches to prance around in corsets chugging rum. I suppose we'll never know. Back to you, Irate_Pirate.

YARRR, Jim-lad, that last part put me colors ta half mast! I know I plundered the captain's share o' the booty that night. I made my buxom wench saucy. This be Irate_Pirate, saying "I want more booty, and good night." ARRRRR!!!!
12 years ago
Avast, Irate_Pirate! Ye have no right to be speakin' of plundering me loins last night! If ye keep speakin' to these scurvy dogs of me booty this buxom wench will be keeping her sea legs together!
12 years ago
Lmao was this some kinda employee training video for Pirates of the caribean n stuff?...lol
12 years ago
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