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Where's that cunt Drumrave?

Fuck you guys. Here's a penis monster.


by LucesDarkness

submitted January 4th 2017

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Where's that cunt Drumrave?
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define 'penis monster'
6 months ago
One who lives in a dingy,dirty ballsack smelling,depressing mildewy shithole in doncaster england..member of F.A.P.S. ..netflix and chills with whuna..owns a moped
6 months ago
^sucks any cock as long as its minority
6 months ago
hey, what the fuck. why am i in the tags, asshole?
6 months ago
I guess like me, he doesn't like you.

Your in this description as well. From 2 years ago.

6 months ago
"Just the way Jirk likes it"

6 months ago
Filthy casual
6 months ago
uv strictly for the tag
6 months ago
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