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Daily Show - Sascha Baron Cohen

Sascha Baron Cohen aka Ali G, Borat, Bruno talks on the daily show.


by yak

submitted September 20th 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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I like the last line. "are you going to do this again? or are too many people going to know?" Hmm...

Goo borat!
12 years ago
Wow, first time I've managed to see him out of character.
12 years ago
ive seen footage of when he was a childrens presenter you could see where the ali G personality came from even from way back then
12 years ago
the Ali G show is so old over here.

here you go america heres the UK's seconds.. enjoy !
12 years ago
lol that goes for the office too ^^^
12 years ago
^^^ Consider it a trade for Bay Watch.
12 years ago
cohen is a genius of our time, even with a name as shitty fuck as sascha.
However, people often ask me how I can hate jews and want them exterminated when people like cohen and stewart exist. They wouldn't exist if jews were whiped out.
Well, the bottom line is that the loss of Ali G show and Daily Show is a small price to pay to get rid of those money mongrel fucks.
12 years ago
I hate this guy he gets on my nerves so much and no one even likes him anymore...
12 years ago
iloseatlife you must be a dumbass sand nigger...
12 years ago
its your own fault if you contribute to greedy jews. who cares as long as it isnt my $$$
12 years ago
He's our generations Andy Kaufman.
12 years ago
In my country there is problem... (sing along if you know this!)
and the problem is the Jews..

Throw the Jews down the well, so my country can be free.
12 years ago
In my country there is problem...
and that problem is iloseatlife and alabamafan...

Throw them both down the well, so my country can be free.
12 years ago
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