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Ronda Rousey Knockout UFC 207 Full Fight

I've had sex that lasted longer than that


by Jones

submitted December 31st 2016

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I don't get people's fascination with Rousey. Nunes destroyed her.
12 months ago
Hey there Mako, welcome back. How long do you plan on sticking around?
12 months ago
Till the lesbian's kill each other.
12 months ago
*and the cows come home.
12 months ago
People still watch the ufc?
12 months ago
rhonda looked so meager..fries would have even given her a run for the money
12 months ago
I like Ronda Rousey and she has been offered a six-figure salary to work for the WWE. After this loss, I'd definitely take the money and run. Stephanie McMahan likes her and like I said she offered Ronda a considerable amount of money to become a wrestler.
5 months ago
She probably should take it run, since she can't fight for shit.
5 months ago
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