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Man sues Pepsi to win Harrier Jet

"I did the quick math! 7 million, 10 cents a piece... wup!.. 700.000"


by Jones

submitted December 30th 2016

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Pepsi Generation... YEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!
1 year ago
* NixonsGhost raids Barret's Pepsi point stash and orders 16 jets *
1 year ago
wheres the barret tag
1 year ago
Where's your fucking tits, bitch
1 year ago
I see cryax's charm has rubbed off on you
1 year ago
That's just aggressive noob corralling
1 year ago
The Circle of Iron avatar is a nice touch.
1 year ago
*Land Of The Lost. My mistake.
1 year ago
I remember this. He ended up with nothing.
1 year ago
This is business in a nutshell. Tools lobbing money around.
1 year ago
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