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Native Kids Program

All I know about this video is that it's from the APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) channel here in Canada. Their shows are in english, french and different native language.


by patythechik

submitted September 20th 2006

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im pretty sure there isnt such thing as the "Aboriginal Peoples Television Network"... I'm from aus and ive never heard of it
12 years ago
god. i swear, if cats can hear, this is what they hear.
12 years ago
Dont watch unless you want your brain to explode
12 years ago
??? - was that the dyslexic Ewoks hour???
12 years ago
Yeah it couldn't possibly exist anywhere else in the whole wide world because the word Aboriginal is only used in Australia to describe the original inhabitants.
12 years ago
^ That's true.
12 years ago
i am going to burn the puppets slice off the hands of the creators and pump them full of radiation so they cannot produce their evil spawn, this programme is the devil

thats the reaction i had after 5 secs of video after that it stopped loading thank fuck
12 years ago
This vid had some killer production quality.
12 years ago
sadly I think you can thank the beautiful canadian north for this one...our inuit peoples share customs similiar to the ones displayed early on in the vid, i.e Eating raw meat and talking jiberish, I don't know anyone that personally comes from an inuit background, and nor have I ever seen or heard of this show but these are defiantely your average every day "eskimo's".

...I really wasn't kidding about them eating raw meat either, somthing about being having been nomadic people and always moving around the artic planes in serach of food, they littereally did not have time to cook and I guess it's still a custom carried on till this day.
12 years ago
That's interesting considering the humble hamburger actually evolved from Steak Tartare which originated from the Mongols and people of the Steppes, carrying their meat under their saddles for the sake of mobility, tenderising and comfort.

So the next time you're about to take a bite out of a juicy hamburger, remember a raw piece of horsemeat being squished by a Mongolian warrior's arse on horseback. Yum.
12 years ago
i agree ^^^ yum
12 years ago
You know, if they want to live up in the far reaches of the frozen north and eat raw, rotten, seal and fish, and make crappy puppets for even crappier veedeos, then who are we to bitch? It's not like they've muscled any of us out of a job, have they? They also obviously didn't burn up many tax dollars with this gem, so where's the harm?

Also: I have a feeling that just cause none of us can understand what is being said, that doesn't mean that it's "jibberish." We're just not used to hearing it, seeing as these folks' language was systematicly crushed and all but exterminated by the powers that be (Anglicans in conjunction with the government).
12 years ago

You could have googled it, it's the first link you get. The website domain is .ca, so it is in fact Canadian and if you go to the Contact us page, you can see their mailing address is in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I have this channel at home and I never watch it.
12 years ago
For you totally ignorant morons that think the word 'aboriginal' (and that includes the twit from Australia) only refers to the Australian native people, try looking up the definition of the word in a book you haven't obviously used much, a dictionary.
12 years ago

12 years ago
thats some fucked up shit. i'm glad i dont won a tv set when they play shit like that.
12 years ago
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