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Doing the predator

Alternate ending from Predator 2


by Jones

submitted December 28th 2016

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Doh, forgot the gay tag.
6 months ago
Yo Yak, make me a mod so I can fix it
6 months ago
Nice video faggot, what is that, a repost?
6 months ago
Good one loslobarret
6 months ago
Have to earn my keep around here before I lose my Repost Police membership and they put me in Repost Jail.

You don't know the horrible things they do to ex-repost police members in there....so many butthurt reposters just waiting for revenge...
6 months ago
I'm waiting for you sweetmouth
6 months ago
Makodragon will dryhump you to death with his pink coinpurse
6 months ago
That jail is where MD got his flayed face video from
6 months ago
my balls are extremely offended
6 months ago
by you referring to them as a coinpurse
6 months ago
What balls?
6 months ago
Goddamn Jones making me choke with laughter with his insults.
Once he finds a good one he knows how to milk the lolz out of it.

You could almost say he's like.....

6 months ago

A dog with a bone.

6 months ago
Givin the dog a bone

6 months ago
Punkys not keeping up
6 months ago
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