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A clip from Salo: 120 Days of Sodom


The director of this film got murdered by a male prostitute not long after completing this film. 18+


by McWoozy

submitted September 19th 2006

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first.. did he just doo doo on the floor?
12 years ago
illiterate fucks.
it's a book by marquis de sade.
fucking morons
12 years ago
^oh yeah! becuase we're spose to read every book ever written.
Fuck wit
12 years ago
And yeah...the Marquis de Sade was well-known for his stunning literary works that made beautiful use of the English language and evoked such splendid images. NOT. The guy was a sick freak that wrote about extrmeely sick and twisted shit. No artistic merit at all unless you are a fucked up deranged sociopath.

Precisely why you must enjoy his fine works loseatlife,
12 years ago
he went # 2 and she ate it?
12 years ago
With a name like CruelHM I would expect more. de Sade was championed by a whole bunch of famous French famous intellectuals, and also by the feminist writer Angela Carter who wrote The Sadeian Woman. Then there was that film called Quills all about him, which is sympathetic. Far from being a sick freak he was the grand master of transgression, and societies need to be constantly pushing at boundaries in order to come closer to true freedom. What was regarded as sick thirty years ago can be seen on daytime tv now. As for Pasolini (who directed Salo), he was an interesting character, and might have been murdered by right wing thugs rather than by a prostitute. The shit eating scene is a metaphor for consumerism in modern society, eg we eat whatever shit is given to us. McDonalds, anyone?
12 years ago
Or maybe it is just a woman eating doo doo off the floor
12 years ago
12 years ago
Who signs up for that role? Man I bet her acting career really took off after that.

"We should hire her. Did you see her acting talent when eating shit"
12 years ago
Yes, IDrinkAnalFlud, I agree.
12 years ago
He was murdered by a relative of one of the children in the film.
12 years ago
He must have a high fibre diet. I usually go through half a roll of toilet paper before I'd even consider pulling my pants back up.
12 years ago
fucking sick
12 years ago
even the Japs do it better than that
12 years ago
CruelHM, I guess you don't like Lolita cause it's about some sick fucking pervert, and you think Modest Proposal is some sick fucking shit, and Naked Lunch is just a stupid junkies diary?
Yeah, you're a fucking moron. God forbid someone write something that doesn't sit well to get a point across. fucking tard.
12 years ago
clean swoop no wipe needed
12 years ago
You can look at anything and say "oh la de da i think it sybolises how the world is today" dont be giving all that bollox.

"Oh he must be a genius to come up with all that sick crap" ever think its just an insight into the sick mind of a violent rapist.

12 years ago


12 years ago
That was fucking hot.
12 years ago
I fucking love this film, the book of course if far better but still Pasolini did a great job. Shame he was murdered for it :/

I had a bootleg copy of this when I was 15 but It didn't have subtitles of dubs so I still have no idea of half of what their saying...although you can assume and make out quite a bit of it.
12 years ago
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