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The repost police strike again

Not really the repost police. It's boxing day. Gimme a rest from witty titles and description.


by makodragon

submitted December 26th 2016

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They really have come a long way from those basement "america's funniest homevideos" quality VHS tapes they used to release.
Those fuckers.
5 months ago
you're not kidding. 60 fps with intermittently even higher framerate capture for slow motion. Multiple angles.

Pretty shitty editting though. It's like a bunch of monkeys playing with extremely advanced technology.
5 months ago
I was getting immune to the throat slashing stuff, way to keep it fresh. Was tough to watch.
5 months ago
Hear that Worldstar?...you could learn a few things from your camel fuckin dune nigger cousins
5 months ago
2:20 is this like one of those choose your own porn positions dvd things? but where you decide how to execute people?
5 months ago
2:31 they pretend to have a remote device to light the fire. What really happened, as you can tell by the fact that it's much later in the day when the fire is lit, is that someone manually lit it.
5 months ago
Maybe there was really slow radio signals.
You don't know how that stuff works in the middle east.
Maybe the signals had to stop and pray 3 times on its way.
You never know.

Just trying to help.

* Barret diks out *
5 months ago
really all the gas was a waste
5 months ago
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