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She has a point

Sitting on their ass doing nothing and full of disrespect. They need the shit slapped out of them. Fear is want keeps humans in check. Be it fear of the law, prison, god, or good ole fashion pain "ass whoopin"


by whunu

submitted December 23rd 2016

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its no Dangerous Minds
2 years ago
These are the events that dangerous minds was based on. There was some romantic embellishment.
2 years ago
no, scrub that, I got a caption.

Dangerous Minds 2 had a dramatically lower budget than it's predecessor.
2 years ago
The part of Michelle Pfeiffer is going to be played by some crackhead in a blonde wig. Nix will be lurking awkwardly near the set at all times.
2 years ago
I bet she's a firecracker in the sack.
2 years ago
You're a nigger.
2 years ago
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