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Cuddle Dogs Get Theirs

You know those instances in life when you know you made the wrong decision? 10:23 for Bowser.


by ClaudeBallz

submitted December 23rd 2016

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yeah those labradors and retrievers are some vicious mutts
9 months ago
Just ask the guy at 04:28
9 months ago
Pits idiot
9 months ago
Whunubabe, there's a picture of you here somewhere with a ski mask on isn't there? do you have a link to that?
9 months ago
Don't do anything I would do.


Oh what am I saying.....
9 months ago

But would works also
9 months ago
ffs, i just remembered seeing that earlier today, should have saved it. Thanks whunubuns.
9 months ago
you really couldnt be any fuckin dumber could you whuntard?
9 months ago
9 months ago
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