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Kirsten Torebjer - SÄNTÄ KLÅS

One video to rule them all

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by loslobos

submitted December 22nd 2016

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Før helvedde, *Karsten
4 weeks ago
that's a fucking made up language
4 weeks ago
The makoslation:

Dee Eee, you B-end
Why they using tents?
Put down the hose and k-nack
Fladergens bean her crack.
Come in a man
Spit follow look da sweat
Omelette don cap he die
A books 'em Liam's vet.
Santa Clause, Santa Claus
My fanny before I
Do my crack, or scrape my back
Before the crapper, die
Santa Clause, Santa Clause
My fanny pee for eye
He didn't need you to nick the tea
And is for us, streak, oh my
4 weeks ago
"Yeah, Samantha Fox's coming here for easter.

CV the Brrrap."
4 weeks ago
You mastered a new language frighteningly fast.
3 weeks ago
wait a minute .... is that a 'puma' tag
4 weeks ago
PS, fuck your letter dots
4 weeks ago
fucking fancy letters think that they are better than normal letters.

Poncy letter jewellery
4 weeks ago
Asså lägg ägg va
4 weeks ago
It even snows on your fucking letters.
4 weeks ago
Not sure if she said to leave her alone or to lay eggs.
Or to drink more eggnog.
4 weeks ago
It said "mail me a razor"
4 weeks ago
yeah, well, bare gaar og tar en ol, bitch

And If I could say 'me' then that would be in there too
4 weeks ago
what no contribution from sweetland?
4 weeks ago
at least throw up an ABBA video for fuck sakes
4 weeks ago
* loslobos drinks glögg and forgets *
4 weeks ago
Gustav !!
4 weeks ago
You mean LL, the early years.
4 weeks ago
Abba "We wish you a marry Christmas"

4 weeks ago
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