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Ole Ivars - Bare Går Og Tar En Øl

The voices told me it would be alright

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by Barret

submitted December 22nd 2016

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You got sucked in like the smoke of a crackheads first hit.
7 months ago
This all sounds like nazi-pop to me
7 months ago
You would enjoy the lyrics.
7 months ago
give me a translated sample
7 months ago
Get a beer, get a beer, go get a beer.
Just go get a beer.
Have to call your woman first? Just tell her I had a thirst.
Go get a beer, lets go get a beer.
7 months ago
bare gr og tar en l, bare gaar og tar en ol,

Explain me the difference
7 months ago
the first version is after mucho is done raping the norwegian alphabet.
7 months ago
ohh I can hear it in the chorus!!

I have adapted
7 months ago
First and thirst I can hear lol
7 months ago
* Jones ÆØÅs all over your face *
7 months ago
Is he saying "have to 'ring' your 'dame', first"?
7 months ago
You got it.
7 months ago
for permission first?
7 months ago
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