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Squidley goes to town


She quit porn after this


by Jones

submitted December 21st 2016

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But you've reposted too many subs today, and I'm not looking for all that shit.
10 months ago
Stop being so fucking lazy, you gorilla. Don't say "here" if you won't back it up.
10 months ago
Stfu. You do it then bitch.
10 months ago
Quite frankly I respect women einugh to where I wouldn't do this to some young woman even if she was in the business of sex.
10 months ago
I will add this though. Good girl.
10 months ago
well let me add this -STFU
10 months ago
squidley , you'd be lucky to get anything that you didn't have to pay for
10 months ago
Paid for is the best for.....
10 months ago
"John from Milwaukee" is the best porn name......
10 months ago
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