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Rat Roast

Chink peasants roast the fur off of a pack of rats. Who knows if they undergo any further cooking process. I don't, I'm not a chink.


by makodragon

submitted December 21st 2016

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comments (7)
That looks fucking delicious to be honest.
8 months ago
They do know how to make normally unappealing animals look tasty, don't they?
8 months ago
True. You should consider asking a Chinese woman to give you a mako-over.
8 months ago
burned like a rat in a pile of hay
8 months ago
Then someone will say what is lost can never be saved.
8 months ago
Well, you boys enjoy. I'm sure they're a delicious parasiterrific medium rare.
8 months ago
I wish she would start her own food show.
8 months ago
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