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Mr Soul 1982

contract? what contract?

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by possum

submitted December 14th 2016

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11 months ago
Is music your persona?

Yes,yes it it is.

And it SUCKS!

By the way you got this idea to link music shit from me about 5years ago.
11 months ago
i did?

wow i dont remember that i guess
11 months ago
11 months ago
There is no fucking way that is true.
11 months ago
Pathetic move on. Change your persona, it sucks child's penis
11 months ago
Can we please just rid Mucho of this piece of shit lake nigger already?
11 months ago
^sounds like you have a personal problem
11 months ago
11 months ago
The better version
11 months ago
Trans was such a fuck you to Neil's record company that it was mostly panned and ignored

he started out mocking synthpop/new wave, but then...
11 months ago
syscrusher/computer cowboy is fun
11 months ago
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