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Daily Show - Many Moods of Bush

Is Bush schizophrenic or something??


by yak

submitted September 17th 2006

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you DO have the stupidest president of the world´s history... that WILL be a fact.
12 years ago
lol, that was great! Go get em' Jon! Show them all how witty and cunning you are in your delivery of cut up scenes of bush.
12 years ago
Jesus, Special K...Must you be so protective of your idiotic evil leader?

Oh wait...Yes that is a major example of the personality of an authoratative follower fundementalist...

Seriously...Read the book Conservatives Without Conscience, before it is too late!
12 years ago
^^^To answer your questions.
No it isnt.
And no, not interested.

on another note, stewart is hit and miss with me.
12 years ago
^^^I Love Big Brother.
12 years ago
I still want to know why America invaded Iraq, since we all know they had nothing to do with 9-11.
12 years ago
^ It was to bring democracy to the middle east, dummy! However, this was not revealed to us until after it had been proven there were no WMDs and no connection to 911. Well worth the effort too.
12 years ago
I would try to explaine it to you enbeezwax, but you are probably too stoned to comprehend anyway. Hey, dont worry though! When you have moments of clarity you at least are still able to keep in the good fight against bush! Keep it up buddy!
12 years ago
Yes...Your actions speak far louder then your words.

Yes, it does very much.

Yes this is also a feature with those of a similar personality disorder.

It is a shame...it is an excellent work, you are doing yourself a severe disservice with your willfull ignorance.

Conservatives Without Conscience...get it wake the fuck up...

12 years ago
Aw...poor baby, was his point of view slightly tarnished by a fake news show?
12 years ago
Democracy! The people dont want democracy, when they get a chance to vote they will usually vote for some or the same mad bastards anyway. When will you's yanky fucks learn you cant and will never control the world or the worlds oil feilds. There's always an ulterior motive for the US to do anything and its always self serving.
12 years ago
btw, i cheated and read all the reviews of the book on amazon. All the five star ones seemed interesting to say the least. Very well thought out conversation. Of course, I would direct you to the three star review at the bottom of this link I am sending you.

(link at bottom of page)

Hmm... See what I mean? Of course after reading that particular one, I read the next few low rated reviews. I dont know savage. But it seems to me you are reading a very one sided book. But I am sure you probably knew that in the first place anyway since it deals with the "crazy right wing authoritarians." But some of the guys did say it had some interesting points...
"Conservatives Without Conscience...get it wake the fuck up..." To yet another biased work of art! Thanks! But no thanks!

Here is the link. I split it up because it's very long.


12 years ago
k-billy has a point about the wake the fuck up bit, personally i havnt read the book, but if it is one sided then its possibly just another form of opinion manipulation and should be backed up with other peoples work because we cannot say one peice of work is great without hearing from all sides and from different authors. also you can say anything you want if you put the right spin on it, leave out bits here and there add a little, all the evidence could be there but can be manipulated to prove your own point and this guy is probably very skilled in the arts of spin because wasnt he a politican?

im very left wing in my views but i rarely make serious statements without stating aspects which i may be unaware and make clear parts my opinion which might be ignorent given i rarely can be arsed to gain all the facts

all that said i have no idea why people havent called for bush's resignation, tony blaire hasnt been anywhere near as bad as bush with his cock ups and yet tony is close to being chucked out, any serious politician cannot be allowed to make mistakes like this especially in a press conference. and people saying oh hes just not articulate, thats a major part of the job, you are the representation of that government, you speak like fool you make the institution look like a fool
12 years ago
12 years ago


12 years ago
"all that said i have no idea why people havent called for bush's resignation"

Here's your answer: As bad as Bush is, the alternative is much, much worse.

I'm sure Kerry was painted as a super genius / war-hero in the foreign press, but as someone who lives in the same state, I can tell you, he's dumb.

A local conservative radio show host played all of Kerry's gaffes during his campaign for president and they were just as bad as Bush's.

The difference is that you would NEVER see Kerry's gaffes on the national news here in the US. They hate Bush.
12 years ago
Why did Bush invade Iraq? Come on, the cause is obvious. The US needs oil, that was one of the reasons you made sure Saddam became president in Iraq in the first place, saddly he turned his back against ya'll after you helped his ass.

Sure, Saddam was a dictator and he needed to get his ass kicked the fuck out, i doubt any of us dissagres with that, but why could not Bush use that as an excuse to invade rather than to say that Saddam was a threat to your country, cause he was not.

A bigger threat to America are the insane Saudies (in my opinion). Why does not Bush invade Saudi Arabia? I mean, 14 of the 19 911-terrorists were Saudies, Osama Bin Laden is a Saudie, the Saudie government is a dictatorship that many help-organizations around the world has condemned and Saudi Arabia has the largest known oil reserves in the world. The reason Bush did not invade Saudi Arabia is probably because of the good connection between the Bush family and Saudi Arabian government and the Bin Laden family.

Thankfully your constitution only allows a president to stay in the White House for two terms. I urge you all to NEVER EVER vote for a member of the Bush family EVER again... For the good of the world. The choices you make ecoes throughout the world, and effects us all.


Some guy from Norway.
12 years ago
^ It wouldn't have to do with Mecca being smack bang in the middle of Saudi Arabia would it? And that's not to imply I think the US would if it could, just that perhaps it's nice to think of the more pragmatic reasons rather than shift immediately to the conspiracy and imperialism theories.

Anyway control of extra oil reserves doesn't help the price unless the market is confident that supply would remain largely uninterrupted. Known oil reserves are still quite plentiful albeit of lesser quality and the large discovery found in the Gulf of Mexico gives credence to the belief that there are still some undiscovered reserves left. Saying the US did this and that just for oil I think is rather naive.

Why not just use the fact that Saddam was a dictator to invade? I guess because there were enough dictators already that could be easily toppled and the fact that a number of dictators in the later half of the 20th century were there by the grace of the US government. Furthermore I doubt it would have received the kind of initial domestic and international support that it otherwise would have received not to mention more dangerous regimes which were a more direct threat to the US at the time.
12 years ago
^^ you know, just for once i would like to see you up at the front of a topic, rather than just responding to people. I would really like to see what you think, besides being so reactionary. :)
12 years ago
That's because it didn't cross my mind to discuss either the economics of the oil industry, the strategic difficulties in invading Saudi Arabia or the best justification to attack Iraq just by watching this.
12 years ago
Maybe next time.
12 years ago
thankfully theres someone to clear up the shit we stir up ^^^ good going cotb
12 years ago
plus i think there still is a hell of alot of information the government is exposed to which we are not, and its part of its job to make desitions for us for security sake,

i dont care why the US went to war but my gut feeling towards why britain went to war was to cement relations with the US, it would be a good strategy to be on the consultant panel to "the most powerful nation on earth". there were those rumours last year i think that bush was on the very verge of declaring war on iran and was dissuaded by other powers, and of course you cannot give that as a justification of going to war publically otherwise it would be pointless. if i was on the seat of power i think it would be wise to do the same thing because america isnt that stable in its foreign policy and maybe a slight leash or a steering in the right direction would keep from trouble being caused as religion even in US politics is becoming a deciding factor in elections

thats just my gut feeling feel free to criticise
12 years ago
id slam back a few drinks with him
12 years ago