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Wicked Work


One of the better autopsy's I've seen with close-ups


by whunu

submitted December 7th 2016

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you fucking moron
10 months ago

There spelling natzi you happy. I'm inebriated, so sue me.
10 months ago
"i'm drunk"
"i'm retarded"
"the sun was in my eyes"
"it wasn't me it was the dog"
"i fell on fries' dick"

your entire existence is a string of pathetic excuses
10 months ago
Buh bye
10 months ago
"Im made entirely out of feces so every time i touch anything a little shit piece falls off"
10 months ago
G: none of the above
10 months ago
You're a good man fries
10 months ago
You're a faggot whunob.
10 months ago
Even if you do live in the UK

10 months ago
Hi Maggy.

* whunu pats Maggy's head and says "good girl" *
10 months ago
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