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Val Kilmer on drugs during the Daily Show

Val Kilmer must be on something when he goes to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.


by K-Billy

submitted September 17th 2006

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I figured he was on drugs when I heard he wanted to play Bruce Wayne/Batman on Batman Forever back in the 90s.
12 years ago
Fuck i wish i had some drugs... FUCK
12 years ago
Wow, as if celebrities didn't have enough, now they are flaunting their drug use? Fuck em!
12 years ago
this was more entertaining than spartan was.
12 years ago
Thats what i'm like if I go out and get really drunk the night before. When i wake up i'm still screwed and I just joke around.
12 years ago
if anyone watches that show entourage, there is an episode where val guest stars as the sherpa in that "script and the sherpa" episode. he played the sherpa all blazed out of his mind, pretty funny.
12 years ago
I have descovered something better than illegal drugs. Legal drugs. Tonight I am on a combination of Ambiem and ephedrine. I want to jump up and run around the house, or fall asleep.. I can't decide which.
12 years ago
Best thing about Val Kilmer is he hates Tom Cruise...and they fight..

12 years ago
Val Kilmer fighting Tom Cruise.... i'd pay hard cash to watch that.

Er, think we could convince them to go to the death?
12 years ago
nah hes a natural, love this dude
12 years ago
lol was he really on drugs, oooh and if so which drugs any ideas?
12 years ago
He is not on drugs. Hes just dumb.

We are used to seeing movie stars on the screen, full of knowledge and totally capable. They save the day everytime and know exactly what the super-genius crimminal's next move is going to be.

It leads us to forget that being a movie star only means you can do at least 2 things really well:
1. Read words
2. Pretend
...which is basically what acting is. Some actors cant even memorize, they just have the whole script on cue cards for them.

Kilmer heard from all his liberal, Hollywood showbiz friends how witty, though-provoking and intelligent Jon Stewart is on the Daily Show and hes scared he will get asked tough questions.

Hes scared and stupid. Rewatch it with this in mind and you will see.

Its the same when Harrison Ford is on these talk shows. You expect Professor Indiana Jones from the University, and instead you get the character from Regarding Henry. Hes stupid too.
12 years ago
....He is not scared..or stupid..

He is ACTING...He is on a Comedy show...HE IS TRYING TO BE FUNNY...

Geez he fooled you...
12 years ago
^^LMAO monsewage thought he was teaching somebody something, but in the end HE is the dumbass. HAHAHAHAHA
12 years ago
That must have been some dank reefer, I love to get that fucked up.
12 years ago
"He is ACTING..."

You cant "act" funny if you aren't funny...unless you get some comedy writers to produce material for you--which Kilmer was obviously NOT doing here.

He should know this after 20+ years in Hollywood.

If he doesn't, hes stupid.

If he does know, but tried anyway, as you contend, hes stupid.

It simple: walk in when your introduced, shake the host's hand, sit down on the couch, play it straight and let the comedian be the funny guy.

...but he was too stupid and fucked it up.
12 years ago
monsewage, while actors and actresses arent the smartest people around (and most of them will be the first to admit so), they are mostly atleast intellectually average. being comfortable in front of a crowd is not a sign of intelligence.

ive seen harrison ford on talk shows and i dont get the impression he's dumb at all. just extremely nervous.

if you had spent the better half of your life making the biggest and most profitable films, being the highest paid actor in hollywood, having some of the most beloved roles in movie history, and have had women throwing themselves at you to boot ........... you would probably walk onto a talk show, hear the applause, feel theyre expecting you to be the perfect god theyre used to seeing on tv, and then begin to feel extremely insecure and inadequate.

in the case of val kilmer, i'd imagine he overcame this anxiety through alcahol or drug use before appearing on this talk show. ive seem him before and he is not usually this out of it.
12 years ago
Mm... look to be good pills.
12 years ago
sleep dep. + Confidence + Paxil = stupid confidence
12 years ago
He's off his face!!
12 years ago
Maybe you're right.

The intelligence of actors probably matches that of the general population.

Of course, you'll have to admit that at least half of the general population is of below average intelligence.
12 years ago
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