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I think this is too hardcore even for mucho


the description on heavy-r was as follows: "Degrading myself in the most disgusting ways possible. Please download and share the video and link so all can see how disgusting I am. And don't forget! You can Always Shit and/or Piss in my Mouth when You see me walking in the street or are close to my place in Amsterdam. Whenever, Wherever, However... My mouth will open for ALL your waste."


by what_gives

submitted November 27th 2016

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That's fucking disgusting.
Stealing my subs that is.
2 years ago
You're about ten years too late for anyone to give a fuck about you
2 years ago
You look like Michael Cera. You don't get to judge.
2 years ago
definitely asian.
2 years ago
I think his name is Brandon Rodgers.
2 years ago
I think you two are shit-heads.
2 years ago
lol *shitheads*
2 years ago