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Happy (ending) Thanksgiving

where drumsticks come from


by possum

submitted November 23rd 2016

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11 months ago
wow senor..you have quite the track record for posting cringeworthy stuff
and happy gobble gobble day
11 months ago
Fries does this to his cat when he is thirsty.
11 months ago
how about you stfu Chihuahua boy
11 months ago
Cuddle chihuahua.


eiii chihuahua!!
11 months ago
Uhhh.....wait. Does that make him half taco nigger?
11 months ago
Tinyblackdick420, is cryax your half brother?
11 months ago
I mean was your mom a nigger or border jumper?
11 months ago
fuck your stupid holidays
11 months ago
Don't be jealous.
11 months ago
Like the pilgrims sat down with the Indians and had dinner. More like we were raping their woman and children, killing their men and stealing their land.
We should give thanks for the pussy and land we took? *sarcastic tone*
11 months ago
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