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Bike jump goes wrong

The results are bad. Also check out all the shit around that ramp he could have hit. Crates and all sorts of stuff to kill you if u land on it. Well at last he stayed on the ramp....


by Stephen

submitted September 13th 2006

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they looked like cavemen standing silently in a "awww" type formation when he busted his chest probaly caving a few ribs possibly punctureing a lung (probaly not but it would be cool) then sliding down...

i thought there would be more blood
12 years ago
Someone actually yelled what sounded like "Nice fall!" and laughed at his own zinger.

I don't feel sorry. Dumb ass. I hope daddy has medicaid.
12 years ago
duuuude, next time pedal a little faster. Darwinism is gnarly.
12 years ago
Bah! I was hoping for a cracked skull or a bone sticking out of flesh or something, this is boring.

P.S:Wtf's up with him breathing like that?
12 years ago
redneck x-games perhaps?, I sure hope he didn't broke his tooth.
12 years ago
Hey if you don't hit button 2 fast enough, you'll always crash on the barrel.
12 years ago
You shouldn't touch someone after something like that. If there is spinal/neck cord injuries, you will probably make it worse. Just call the paramedics and let pro's handle it.
12 years ago
yea, what ^^ said, that's why u dont touch em....i now know not to trust iranian to anything if anyone is injured, he'll be the cause of their death/paralysis
12 years ago
I know there wasnt blood. Say what u want he hit that thing fucking hard as shit. Mother fucker didnt even know where he was..Oh yeah lord i think hes breathing like that because his chest just got caved in u retard.
12 years ago

Same clown group probably does "Backyard wrasslin'"
12 years ago
that dude looked like that one person...o ya jesus
12 years ago
But they had to move him so that they could use the half pipe. Jeeez! Get your priorities straight.
12 years ago
I'm also really glad to see he wasn't wearing a helmet. Too many lives being saved these days.
12 years ago
quankers1 youre right, he does say "nice fall, hahaha"
and lmao at the guys just closing in on him filming him after he crashed, they didnt look concerned at first.
lol also at the one guy saying "matt, head up" and the rest of the people "no, no leave him down, leave him down" wtf was he thinking. he probably was getting ready to lift his friend up or something, what a friend..
12 years ago
Why didn't this stop right after he stopped sliding down?? That's odd. I like how his buddy goes up to him and starts rolling his head around that broken neck of his.
12 years ago
stupid Yanks. First doing a "sport" without the correct protective equipment (unlike American Football where it's all for show and dough). Second, there wasn't a single person there who had the slightest inclination of what to do when someone is injured.

What the fuck are you americans learning in school apart from listing all the presidents and learning to scream an annoyingly loud " Yee-Haw".
12 years ago
ummm, wait, lemme correct u on that, we dont learn all the damned presidents...who the hell is supposed to remember all them names and shit...presidents dont matter...what we learn in school is how to convert to metric and shit...givin us a head start on sellin dope and crack, so u go out and learns u something bout the american edumacational system nigga
12 years ago
that was nothing, just got the wind knocked out of him
12 years ago
Lord and stephen......
He was breathing like that because his cardio vascular was pumping high due to him pedaling his ass off for the jump........if you knock someone out while there at rest they'll breath normal...they might even snore..
Now if someone is running there going to have to breath hard to compinsate oxogen for heart rate...even thogh there knocked out..........
In this case if i was there id freak out more if he wasent breathing that hard..
This guy probably woke up and was ok
12 years ago
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