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bear cubs box

would u consider this being cruel to animals? for me not really but if this was in America PETA would be all over this shit. I want to see some big bears against each other or maybe even a polar bear against a Grizzly bear. Now that would be cool...of course put them in full pads and let them go at it.


by Stephen

submitted September 13th 2006

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what kind bear r those? and i think the red 1 was praying before the match begin some talented animal
12 years ago
Are those really bears? They act so much like a human, could they be midgets in costumes? The blue one literally ran his ass off towards the red the moment he heard the ring in such a humanly manner. Wow, really talented.
12 years ago
12 years ago
I'm sure there's nothing cruel going on in the training methods either. Chinese culture has such an evolved aproach to wildlife. They either drive it to extinction in search of hard-ons, or they dress it up in funny costumes for their amusement.
12 years ago
I saw a vid on proper edicate when eating in a real sushi resteraunt and their opinion of endangerd animals was "if the chef doesnt tell us what it is then we cant be breaking the law when we eat it hee hee" .
12 years ago
^ Real sushi restaurant? Yeah, those are hard to come by. And they normally just serve a standard arangement of fish. Also, think you got your cultures mixed up there sport.
12 years ago
Yeah it was the Japs but my point was the Asian aproach in general, this tape comes from Japan and it talks about Sushi resturant edicate and mentions how they eat indangered speices, check it out if you dont believe me

12 years ago
My point is that there isn't an "Asian aproach in general" any more than there is a European, or North American one. Just cause their eyes are roughly the same shape doesn't mean the cultures are remotely similar.

Although, I'll give you the fact that, if it comes from the sea, the JapANEsE will eat just about anything, regardless of how endangered it is. The only reason everyone here isn't gobbling whale down every couple of weeks is that it's too expensive. Damn international comunity and its standards!
12 years ago
I can attest to the saying about the Cantonese that the only thing with four legs they won't eat is a table and the only thing that flies they don't eat is a plane.

It is actually funny that it's so expensive considering actual domestic consumption globally does not fall short of supply. In fact countries such as Norway can't even export the stuff they can't consume at rock bottom prices because their is little demand in most countries or it's prohibited and secondly the Japanese being Japanese are weary to accept imported food.

It's expensive in Japan not because it's popular (it isn't) but because it reflects the astronomical costs involved in the pseudo-scientific whale hunts they undertake, even after huge subsidisation by the government.
12 years ago
What you on about , european or US aproach? If you watched that that vid i showed you they are on about even eating panda's !
12 years ago
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