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Music for the soul.

music videos

by anonymon

submitted October 6th 2016

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Not really the place for this shit, music videos belong on Shitbook. HOWEVER, this gets a rare pass from me. Frank Sinatra was a shit-kicking baller who bedded more women by the age of 20 than most men do in a lifetime. Upvote.
11 months ago
Ok sprinkles. Now fuck off
10 months ago
A rare pass?
Who the fuck cares
10 months ago
whats this shit
11 months ago
its a fat pasty limey cunt repeating the same god damn fucked out comment for,literally,the 69349th time
11 months ago
Stfu you failed California stupid fuck
11 months ago
California sucks tiny nuts
11 months ago
yes it does.
11 months ago
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